under the heading “Where you going?” today we raise the problem of “teachers” on the road — one such drivers on 16 June, a sharp deceleration provoked a massive accident involving 6 cars, and he safely fled the scene of an accident. Is it possible to prosecute these provocateurs and assign them all the blame for the collision, Wpodrobnee in the material Dmitry Kosenko.

Winooski bridge DVR on the Toyota Land Cruiser which after a few seconds you get in a crash, fixes everything. Here the driver of the white Nissan Juke when overtaking excavator dramatically rebuilt before the Ford Focus station wagon, forcing it to slow down. The driver of the wagon decides he road, the teacher is catching up with the Juke, gets up in front of him and brakes sharply. Driver crossover trying to avoid a collision, turns left and falls under the Toyota Land Cruiser. As a result, affected cars still on the opposite lane — 3 cars and a bus. Provocateur safely removed from the scene — see the video.