Tamara Ivanyutin: what did the last woman executed in the USSR

Crime 22/12/19 Tamara Ivanyutin: what did the last woman executed in the USSR

Tamara Ivanyutin — Soviet serial killer. She was the third and last woman to be sentenced in the postwar USSR to the death penalty. This Kiev dishwasher poisoned twenty people, nine of whom died. Forensic psychiatric examination found her completely sane. Is it really?

Ivanyutin terrible was born in 1941 into a large family. Large family Maslenko lived in a communal apartment, they lived in poverty. The mother and father from the cradle taught to his six children, what is important in life — money. So, growing up wealthy and having met at the time man, Tamara did not hesitate to marry him. Without the husband no feelings, she had the most serious types of his one bedroom apartment. In the end, the unwanted husband was poisoned with a solution of thallium, and the young widow became the sole owner of the coveted living space.

the Second husband of Tamar a little more fortunate: his death to poison, she did not — only slowly podtrunivali that doesn’t look at other women. But one after the other, with a difference in two days — was passed on by his parents. Of course, not without the help of sister-in-law. She has her eyes on a big house and land mother-in-law right after the death of the elderly staged a pig farm. Has decided as follows: pigs for meat, meat for sale. And before you know it, you will be able to save up for the dream of a lifetime — a black “Volga”.

But the animals had to be fed, and Ivanyutin found out — took a job as a dishwasher in the school cafeteria, to be able to take out leftovers. And those colleagues who protested against it were sent to the light using the proven tools of the poison.

the Alarm sounded March 17, 1987, when to the hospital with signs of poisoning were 13 people from the same school. Four of them (including handmadenext, two children) was killed instantly, the others were in intensive care. Then decided to check in which went on Epanutin. During a search of her house found a bottle with a solution of thallium. She didn’t even think to get rid of it. That Lee was so sure of his invulnerability, or thought that can easily pay off. Because Ivanyutin was convinced that money solves everything.

Freud believed that serial killers are driven by lust for power and lust. But the founder of psychoanalysis was talking about men. If this role is played by a woman, come first other motives — greed and revenge. They were guided in Kiev poisoner.

Ivanyutin was recognized as sane. Formally, this is true. Mad she was not: the devils did not catch, with the aliens had no contact, Cleopatra did not call. And all their crimes were committed deliberately and knowingly. A mentally ill person in the acute stage is not aware of his own actions, his reality is distorted, it is difficult to adapt to society, he need medical help.

Neither of which able to affect it too — Ivanyutin always knew what he wanted, and knew what to do. It is generally well adapted to the circumstances. It willingly married the men she was friends with the neighbors, who later lamented: “We never could close with the monster that lived…”

Her mother Maria Maslenko — professed such philosophy of life: “you Have no complaints to write, and be friends with everyone, for everyone to share. And if someone is particularly nasty — and the poison in the treats is not a sin to pour”. Tamara did.

Recognizing Epanutin sane, psychiatrists, however, have identified several features of her personality: it’s extremely high self-esteem, excessive touchiness and vindictiveness. Plyusuem this difficult childhood and firmly driven into the head of the parent installation. Add to the “bouquet” manic obsession with the dream of a black “Volga”. And get a monstrous mosaic, which eventually led to the timesdevelopment of sociopathic personalities.

Sociopathy is not a mental disease, it is a personality disorder. A sociopath is callous, indifferent to the feelings of other people. He doesn’t like anybody, although “play love”, to portray sympathy, if necessary.

He tries to succeed at any cost. And if to achieve the goal he will need to eliminate those who stood in his way, he’ll do it without regrets and shame. He did not experience guilt. So, he does not come to mind to repent or to apologize.

did Not admit his guilt and Tamara Ivanyutin. To apologize to the victims and their relatives did not: “this is Not how I was raised to apologize,” he said in court. Nothing spared. Except one thing: I never bought a black “Volga”.

Lily Ilyushina

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