the Company plans to enter into a contract with a specialized organization accredited in the next two weeks to monitor odors. Air samples will be taken at least three times a week. In addition, the possibility of joint specialists “kudryashovskoe” and regulatory authorities when you receive calls (signals) from citizens with complaints. It is supposed to do measurements simultaneously at the point of an unpleasant smell, and near the pig farm. The results are to be addressed in the media.

We are interested in an objective and comprehensive analysis of the situation, because we believe that Svinokompleks “Kudryashovskiy” may not be the main Issuer of smell. Moreover, for several reasons, says the Director Sergei Gorbachev. — First, the distance from the City to Novosibirsk — more than 20 kilometers — serious enough for any odors. Especially considering that the complex was originally built in compliance with all environmental regulations, including the prevailing winds. Second, the technological processes at the plant meet all standards and requirements and have no complaints from regulatory bodies. The number of pigs in Krivodanovka not exceed the standard set in the design. The system of treatment is healthy (the upgrade was in 2017). Technology of storage and processing of waste complies not only with the contemporary recommendations of the Ministry of agriculture (from 2017) to design new complexes, but also the world’s leading European pig-breeding enterprises. It should also take into account the ecological environment in Novosibirsk. In our view, there are other potential sources of odors in the city. But to understand this need regulatory authorities.

At the same time, the pig farm as an environmentally responsible company, willing to make changes to the process to minimize the smell of organics. So, starting this year, the time of disposal and removal of manure on arable land transferred with the hot summer season is later autumn. In addition, this summer the company plans to start using the microbiological preparation “Biobact” which accelerates the processing of manure bio fertilizer and virtually eliminates odor.

Pig “Sibagro” in the Novosibirsk region was built in 1975. After entering the 2nd queue in 2014 reached full capacity: 400,000 heads per year (51,000 tons of meat in live weight). In 2019, the company also became part of the “Sibagro”. Handles the largest company in the amount of agricultural land — 65 000 ha.