Who is in Brussels with a car, sleeping with, you have to will have to pay for it, but also the Flemish commuters. In the Brussels Region, this term is a variation on the controversial road pricing, declares that the Brussels minister of Mobility, Every one Of the Lights up (Green) in today’s De tijd and L’echo. But her co-workers in Brussels, the government, the Finance minister, Sven Gatz (Open Vld), is called the ball “too soon” and the whistle Of the Lights back in.

There has been a long time hoped, that in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, the road pricing, together, would be to enter it. But the locals are no longer prepared to wait. They seize on to an existing system, in order to own a congestion charge to enter. “If no agreement is reached with Flanders, on the road pricing, we set up his own steps,” says the Green-and-prime-minister.

The Brussels-based government, but continue to hope for an agreement with the flemish and walloon regions, as it is with so many of the words in the Brussels-based coalition. However, in other regions to run the government negotiations have, so it is unclear if the discussions can begin.

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from the coalition will be a reform of the traffic in question is “in line with the aims and objectives of the low emission zone (LEZ), and are based on the technology of the READ. The new rules will apply to all vehicles in Brussels, on the road to participate in, and will be of use to the traffic congestion, especially during peak hours, to a minimum.”

the territory has a low-emission zone. That is controlled by a cameraschild number plate recognition and a database that can also be used for drivers to do is to pay to Brussels into. Brussels is planning a network of smart cameras to the next legislative session to significantly increase.