TV publieksopwarmer to have a quiz on a Sunday evening with Thunder In Cologne, is Sven de Leijer (40) and is now the focus of One. However, the biggest win to take the Job from zichzélf.

Tight suit, and it was Sven de Leijer, last Sunday, making his debut as a host at the all-new ‘Thunder In Cologne. In his well-known style: laconic, and with the regularity of a clock-one touch start, it would seem that everything is under control. Though they dare sham is already cheating.

are You a first zondagavondquiz, provided that it is not for a dose of extra sleep?

“of Course. I’m already in a stresskip, even though the brands are the people that tend not to. But, I stress, really, nódig.”

Why, exactly?

“When I’m calm, I’m, I drink one coffee after the other, to make myself a healthy boost. And it’s far from perfect. Over the past two years, I entered into this time of year are already successful, some of the zondagavonden with the ‘Peace On Earth’, and that makes for some rest. This year, I am presenting during the christmas season, a new season of the program, by the way.”

During the recording of “Peace On Earth” this past election day, you were out of sight in the mouth and killed by Bart De Wever.

“that’s Right. This particular 26 may, of course, a heelbelangrijke day of the year in review. When I got to Bart De Wever to post a comment early, and I was, indeed, a firm ” no ” to be added. It wasn’t the right time, so it was obvious.”

do you think you’re at this point, then it just moved?

‘ Oh, no, no, that’s part of the job, right? I’m happy to see that I can make this Ruttens hero of the day. In place by the end of the quiz with tricky questions, and I gave her a coin when she had the choke. Not much later, her spokesman said there was just one left to ask.”

You are standing in front of a busy fall, right?

“yes. So, I will continue to be seen in The ‘Ideal World’ on the Canvas. With three tv’s in my calendar, so it is nice to be full.”

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