Survivors. The story of a paratrooper from the legendary 9th company — where and how he lives now (it has been 32 years)

this year, the airborne troops of Russia celebrate the 90th anniversary. This beautiful date it would be a crime not to recall the paratroopers, glorified Novosibirsk oblast. One of them — Igor Tikhonenko. Only living in the Novosibirsk region a paratrooper from the famous 9-th company, which stood against hundreds of the Afghan Mujahideen in the battle for hill 3234. This battle became the subject for several films (the most famous — Fyodor Bondarchuk) and computer games. 32 years after the battle — calm in the summer of 2020, we met with Igor Tikhonenko, to talk about those terrible events, whether a novel picture of reality, and how it feels to come back from the war in a completely different country.