Suffer pain, grow fat and afraid of the urology doctor said that depriving yourself men without recourse

to Sign up for a preventive appointment with the urologist for many people it is unthinkable, healthy man by urologist is a rare guest. Most delaying a visit to the doctor until you twist from pain or until the wife does not put forward the ultimatum: or to the doctor or divorce.

About when and why to contact the urologist and how this could change a man’s life, told Pavel Andreevich Gavrilov, urologist-andrologist, surgeon, oncologist, head of surgical Department of “Clinic Pasman”.

— Pavel Andreevich, men are difficult to recognize problems and seek help?

— It is. Often to sound the alarm begin women, and they give patients. And even once at the reception, the man hardly speaks about the problems. And the woman tells all about her worries from what uncomfortable man. Often the woman says: doctor, we have no sex help, otherwise the divorce.

— what problems are usually is it?

— erectile dysfunction syndrome rapid ejaculation (rapid ejaculation), the size of the penis, prostatitis with a variety of effects from debilitating aching pain to urinary incontinence known as overactive bladder (GUMP) — the dependence of the toilet, the constant obsession to go to the toilet, which later becomes a psychological problem. Urolithiasis (kidney stones, bladder, ureter), benign and malignant tumors of the kidney, liver, bladder, prostate. And of course, infertility.

— solvable?

— All these problems can be solved. And many of them are easily and quickly solved.

About the most secret

— Why they occur and how to solve erection problem?

— There are three reasons: vascular (problems with the arteries with the veins), psychogenic (family problems, work, stress, uncertainty) and infaccione (chronic prostatitis, BPH, etc.). Problems with the arteries treated with medication. If the therapy fails, the operation is performed. Problems with the veins are resolved quickly. When psychogenic factors are talking, are sent to the sexologist, psychotherapist and together to treat the patient.

— What can be done, if man is not satisfied with the size of the penis?

can We increase its length to 5 cm, and diameter is 1.5–2 times. So that was aesthetically pleasing and natural. This is a simple, proven operation with a minimum of contraindications and minimal complications. No need to be ashamed, these issues are dealt with sensitively and confidentially.

— more and more today talking about the syndrome of rapid ejaculation (rapid ejaculation)…

— the Urgency of this problem is growing every year, a lot of reasons, it is and infectious diseases, and psychological aspects, and congenital anomalies. Patients live with it, suffer, not going to the doctor. Although there are drugs that allow at times for one course during one month (!) to solve the problem. Recovering erectile function, the patient becomes more confident, address social and family problems — life is getting better, children are born.

About prostatitis

— What you should know about prostatitis?

— This is a very hot issue, more and more men suffer from them, and the more indolent forms, because of infection, bacteria, viruses are changing, the availability of antibiotics increases, their uncontrolled drinking leads to resistance (stability) of bacteria to antibiotics. Prostatitis leads to different effects: sometimes he doesn’t bother the man, and sometimes it occurs with debilitating pain, impaired urination, brings to serious psychological problems. There is such a thing as a personality change against the background of prostatitis — changing behavior to deal with such ludmi becomes very hard.

So the main idea you want to convey to men — do not live with these problems, as soon as there’s something that confuses you, consult a specialist. Do not allow the problem to an extreme manifestation in the form of prostatitis, infertility, impotence, Oncology, chronic diseases.

About kidney stones, bladder, ureter

— How painful the treatment of urolithiasis?

— Laser lithotripsy (breaking the stone) allows an experienced specialist to complete the crushing of rocks of almost any density and any location literally in the dust, without affecting the bladder, kidneys, urinary tract. Then these grains of sand and the dust out during operation, while the patient is under anesthesia and feels no pain. Injury of the ureter was excluded. No fragments of stone remain in kidney. The patient is not experiencing pain.

About the worst

— Cancer of the kidney, prostate, bladder, impotence, removal of the penis — this is probably top of the most scary and uncomfortable topics relating to men’s health.

Over the last decade, medicine has been largely successful, doctors successfully cope with even the most difficult and unpleasant illnesses, operations become more gentle, organ-sparing, and proper rehabilitation enables you to return a man to normal life, including intimate.

for Example, if we operate with kidney cancer in I, II and even stage III, it is possible to cure a person — the prognosis is very good. Of course, the earlier the disease is detected, the greater the chance to save the kidney. When you remove men prostate (for cancer) we perform a nerve-sparing operation: save the nerves involved in erections, and 18 months after surgery, she recovered, the man can live like before.

Such operations we performed laparoscopically through small punctures, without large incisions (as in abdominal surgery). Recovery after surgery is much faster and easier.

in addition, we are engaged in the recovery of erection after prostate operations or as a result of other reasons (even many years later). Engaged in the reconstruction of penile injuries, amputations, for example, due to Oncology: it is possible to restore it visually and to restore sensitivity. This is important to say because many do not know that it is possible.

About maintaining men’s health

— How a man should look after their health?

— first, to protect themselves. If a man has several female partners, barrier contraception protects against infectious diseases. Better to have one permanent sexual partner — transmission from one woman to another is very relevant today.

second, maintain a healthy lifestyle: no Smoking, no drinking, especially beer, or at least three liters and not the beer, which on the whole is sold. No Smoking — Smoking is bad for sperm, vessels, and men’s health. The first symptom of heart attacks, strokes — erectile dysfunction: first, there is a problem, then the heart and brain. Sports: many have not even overweight, and abdominal obesity — belly fat. This is especially dangerous — leads to heart problems, erectile dysfunction, and infertility. Testosterone swallowed up by adipose tissue. Man becomes listless, wants nothing: neither to achieve something, no sex… If not to follow, for 40 years there will be no testosterone begins health problems.

third, to visit a urologist — it should be the same rate as the visit woman gynecologist. A urological and andrological problems are visible even during the inspection. Young men are recommended every five years for tests, swabs, cometh inspection — timely detect problems and solve them and not to lead to extremes. Male over 40 years old, if he has no complaints, should visit the urologist once a year. Definitely. Because sometimes, the patient did not bother and disease — problems with the bladder, prostate, kidney disease is already there.

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