Weird-Baby-number-22! The most prolific family of the Uk does simply get another one. However, it had to Sue Radford (44) and her husband, Noel, 48-year-old last year and swore that it was the 21 children in all. A striking detail is that, after the ninth child, and let the man be sterilized, but the procedure was clear, once again reversed.

The couple in the British seaside town of Morecambe has made the good news known in a YouTubevideo. “I’m fifteen weeks pregnant, the sex of the baby, we’ll soon know about it. The big question, of course, is whether or not we have eleven sons and eleven daughters will end up in. I have already had a sinking feeling that it’s a boy it will be. The delivery is planned for the end of april.”

the Spying was only seven-years-old when she was the love of her life, in the true spirit of the cesspool. At fourteen years of age, was to have a child. In spite of the young age, they decided to put the little one to hold. On the other hand were at their birth and given up for adoption, and that suffering is what they wanted Chris to save.

When Sue was 17 years old, there were two milestones: she is married to Noel and gave birth to her second child, Sophie.