Weird to see A fortune teller/psychic in Florida, will fly more than three hours in the cell, and should be, more than a million to pay back, after that she is a woman to know about it to convince them that they and their family he was. The ‘curse’ the victim was then a great deal of money changed hands by the end of the eternal damnation to get to. Or, a fraudulent fortune-teller she thinks he saw it coming, it is not clear.

According to prosecutors, the 28-year-old Sherry, John Uwanawich, the victim, a Texan, a wife, in 2007, in Houston, texas, and she has made herself known as a mind-reader/fortune-teller. In one way or another, she managed the woman’s to make you believe that there is a curse on her family and rested for the big problems would take care of it if he has not been removed. Don’t worry, it would be the curse or even raise. However, there was still some money needed for that…
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“The defendant claimed that a large amount of money needed to purchase items such as crystals, candles, and so on. That was all for her, meditatiewerk in order for the curse to be able to cancel”, according to the public prosecutor’s office, in a statement. If the victim is not being paid, there could be something wrong with her, and her family has done.

According to the Houston Chronicle, visited the injured woman, Uwanawich for many years, twice a week, and paid them the psychic and with the money they had earned by stripping, and with the money that she had inherited from her father, who passed away, and even with the loans that she had made. The curse upon her was, that it was a “gift” from her deceased mother, in one instance, a fortune-teller, the woman’s mood. The mother should ever be cursed by a witch, in the South of the usa.

Recently, in 2014, he gave the fortune-teller that there was no curse, it was and closed her oplichtingsspel. A private detective specialising in fraud on the part of fortune-tellers and psychics warned later by the authorities. Last week, Uwanawich sentenced to 40 months in prison, and in the amount of 1.6 million us dollars (1.4 million euros) in the child’s best interests.