The queen has, as expected, has granted its approval for the British parliamentary election next month. Prime minister, Boris Johnson, went out in the afternoon, when the queen was on a visit to her to ask, to ask the parliament to cancel the elections on the poster.

This is the formal launch of the campaign for the elections on the 12th of december. Johnson made the decision by the queen not long after his visit to be known. He went on to explain that he was frustrated over the postponement of brexit on his / her own tie and was able to chew it”. He said that the agreement he entered into with the european union, and for which he has no direct approval of the parliament for the United Kingdom. The postponement, according to him, however, it can be bad for the country and the economy.

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The Uk’s parliament last week agreed to early elections in the country. A proposal by Johnson for a vote was the second time will not be saved. This is the first time in nearly a century, the country has a national election to be held in december this year.

Launched initially wanted to to 31 October, the EU’s steps, either with or without a computer. It was, however, forced the EU to postpone, to ask the questions. The new closing date of departure, it is now the 31st of January.