Multimedia, Music in Ireland to have a beta version that was released a version of its streamingapp, especially for children. The app will also be released in Belgium. The kindersoftware, it is only available to customers with a Family plan.

Existing subscribers will be able to have a child of their own account, and hang out, so they are not required to pay extra to get a child to listen to, as is evident from the interpretation of the Music. The app has a different user interface, but it will also have a limited selection. This way, the music from children’s films and series are in the app, but a lot of other music doesn’t. Spotify wants to be, later, books and movies for the kids add to it.

Music to Kids, and that shows up for ios, Android, and iOS, is going to be in beta in Ireland, but will extend to all the countries in which the Premium for the Family plan is available in Belgium. When the app is available to all, it is as yet unclear.