It seems far away the time where André Vallini, secretary of State in charge of territorial Reform under François Hollande, promised that the merger of regions would allow billions of euros of savings. Three years after the passage of 22 to 13 metropolitan areas, the expenditure would, on the contrary, jumped up, according to a report Sent to a special broadcast this Thursday at 21 hours on France 2.

The merger of old regions have, for example, led in some cases to a harmonization of the situation of the elect, always toward the top. This is the case in New Aquitaine, where the allowances of the elected representatives of the Limousin and Poitou-Charentes have been increased, the area which now no more people. And the reform has led to many wastes, including duplicates of items, and travel costs are on the rise.

Thus, in Occitania, in order to preserve the sensitivities of each, the plenary assemblies were not held in Toulouse, the capital, but in Montpellier… where the chamber is too small. The region is, therefore, forced to rent, four times per year, a hall of the parc des expositions. A situation preposterous, which might lead to laughter if it was not public money. Panels “useless” installed in many towns for more than a million euros in Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes officials put out to pasture in the Hauts-de-France, after the disappearance of their service doublonné, special Envoy made this on Thursday night the tour de France of the great waste of the reform of the regions, which has failed on its promise of savings.

special Envoy – ” Our very expensive areas.” This Thursday 28 march at 21 hours on France 2.

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