The decision of the court of justice in Barcelona, the five men are free to speak out, who will be charged with the statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl, has, to the great indignation directed at Spanje.De one rape is out of the question because the victim is not conscious, and the defendants have no force or intimidation used. This is a requirement of the Spanish law, in order to be able to speak of a rape. Instead, the men have been convicted of child sexual abuse, which is a much less severe penalty for the state.

all The men carried the girl drunk and gave her drugs in an abandoned factory located in Manresa, a city in the north-eastern region of Catalonia. Prosecutors told the court that the men – two Spaniards and two Natives, and one Former – at the turn of the girl’s attack.

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One of the men, Bryan, Andrew, M, is said to have stated: “It is up to you. Fifteen minutes before everyone else and it is not slowing down.” At an earlier hearing, the girl said that they are very little, and was reminded of what had happened, but one of the men with a gun had been waved.

the Dna on the underwear –

All the defendants have denied the allegations that have been made, even though it is the dna of any one of them is the underwear of the child was found. The district court concluded that the victim “did not know what she was doing, and wasn’t able to vote, or to stand in opposition to the truth.”

The five men have been convicted and sentenced to terms of imprisonment of from ten to twelve years of age. A conviction for sexual assault would be imprisonment for between fifteen and twenty years with him in the first place. Thus, the BBC reports. The victim will get a compensation of 12,000 euros.

the Mayor of Barcelona, it is Ada Colau, is an “outrageous punishment”. “No, I’m not a judge, and I don’t know how many years in jail they deserve it, the one thing I do know is that it’s not abuse, it’s rape!” Vrouwenrechtenorganisaties the same way, with anger and dismay at the decision to respond.Some activists are calling for tomorrow to protest against the decision of the court.