Erpe-Mere, belgium, The driver of a BMW X5 on Saturday night, something for 23 hours at the railway station in Burst mode at high speed for a street is left werfcontainer ride.

The impact was extremely hard. The airbags of the BMW opened up, and the cargo container that is opposite the bike shop, Jean, was more than ten feet ahead as well. The driver was not injured. “I have to be 21 hours, and the police are called in, because there’s even lighting on the body is hung,” says a neighbor.

from A politieploeg was on the spot, and after the intervention were, even before the accident, we had dinner at the container, is applied. Traffic sign or a no parking zone on the opposite side of the street, where it turns to park running, was missing. The question, then, is whether the community licence is delivered to the loading of the container, and, if so, the terms and conditions are properly complied with.

all The badly damaged BMW, it was weggetakeld, and the firm of which the container is placed, was called to the werfcontainer also a way to pick it up. “This road is far too fast, and sometimes very dangerous, and hard-to-see obstacles in your path. It was only a matter of time before this would happen. Fortunately, the driver and a strong car,” adds another neighbor to meet.