iHLN, The PlayStation 4 from Sony, is 102.8 million times in the u.s. has been, and is, thereby, has grown to become the second best-selling thuisconsole all the time. This more specialised web sites on Wednesday, after Sony’s second quarter results have published. The Japanese company also increased its full-year sales forecast.

Three months ago, Sony is still the mark of 100 million sold PlayStation 4 consoles had been reached. Since then, nearly 2.8 million copies sold.This means that the PS4 for the past few months, sales surpassed the features of the original PlayStation (102,5 million) for the Wii from rival Nintendo’s (101,6 million), as it is known in the Us specialized site, The Verge.

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all The best-selling thuisconsole so without any of the portable consoles – of all time is still the PlayStation 2, which will go up to 155 million copies sold. That will be the PS4 not the more so, because the console is attached to the end of its life cycle. Sony’s lowered on Wednesday the verkoopverwachtingen, and by the end of next year will be the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is expected.

It is a Japanese technology company that, among others, that the sony Xperia smartphones to create increased Wednesday, also its profit forecast for the full fiscal year, which is up at the end of march of the following year. It now expects an operating profit of 840 billion yen (6.9 billion euros), of which three months ago was aimed at the 8 to 10 billion yen (6.7 billion us dollars). The increase was primarily due to strong sales of image sensors used in smartphones and tablets. (read on below)