Some Soviet weapons the Germans were arming their soldiers

Weapons 26/12/19 Some Soviet weapons the Germans were arming their soldiers

Despite the common myth about the technical superiority of the fascist army in the Great Patriotic war, many kinds of weapons soldiers of the Wehrmacht often “borrowed” from the red Army. We are talking about the captured weapons. Was the Soviet Union such developments and achievements, are not only not disdain, but thought for the great good fortune to take possession of the Germans. Passing through the arsenals of the Wehrmacht, Soviet machine guns and rifles got Nazi WaA stamps.

Give, dad, a light!

One of the most coveted trophy of the trunks in the great Patriotic war became a legendary submachine gun Shpagina, or simply PCA. The red army soldiers affectionately called him “Papa.” During the war this model along with the PPS-43 was the main submachine gun of the Soviet army.
Created in 1940 by the talented Georgi Shpagin PCA differed ingeniously simple design. It was collected at the plant in just 6 hours. “Dad” is reliably operated in any conditions: dust, dirt, with a complete lack of lubrication of the parts, with occasional purges.
Another advantage of PCA were disk store. In combat conditions it’s an indispensable quality. Shop PCA contained cartridge 71, so that the shooting could be to freely, without frequent recharges. Yes, and “pounded” submachine gun Shpagina well — given 900 rounds per minute. The soldiers called him “the devourer of ammunition”.
the Nazis such a density of fire has fascinated (of course, if “dad” fought on their side). Maximum rate of fire of their own submachine guns the Germans in WWII did not exceed 500 rounds per minute. So every soldier of the Wehrmacht was glad to get a PCA.
the Only problem was that getting them was not so easy. The red army with the “father” represented a serious threat, because he gave a rain of fire. And yet this trouble-free technique fell into the hands of the Nazis. The latter even altered Soviet weapons under their ammo pistol. After the war, such tuning PCA often found with the marks of WaA.

the three-line Mosin

in Great demand among the Germans was used, and the Mosin rifle. This weapon was invented in the distant 1891. With him the Russian soldiers were many wars including the Great Patriotic war. Operated Mosin rifle until 1950 and during this long period of life has been repeatedly modernized.
the three-line was used as infantry in close combat, and snipers. Sniper rifles were equipped with telescopic sight and special curved handle bolt. Wehrmacht soldiers, this weapon is loved not only for sighting and accuracy. It was another valuable feature.
Mosin Rifle was equipped with a special four-sided bayonet, which was left in the body long not healing the wound. The edges of the flesh meshed, bleeding, which often led to infection and gangrene. None of the fascist bayonet or knife, did not produce such an effect.

Tanks and planes

Not only small arms and light weapons fell as a trophy to the Arsenal of the Wehrmacht. A lot of Soviet tanks, especially early in the war — was captured and marked with Nazi swastikas. Among them were our legendary KV-1, named in honor of Marshal Voroshilov, T-34, T-26 and even armored tractor T-20 “Komsomolets”.
Heavy armor in combat, not scattered. If the tank was not able to knock out the crew tried to destroy, and equipment — to adapt to your needs. By the middle of the war in the Soviet towns and villages have become our “native” tanks with black crosses on the towers.
aviation, the situation was more complicated. Soviet pilots were ready to die but not to surrender. However, the war can sometimes be different. Sometimes in the hangar appeared the Luftwaffe and Soviet fighters. The photographs of the WWII, who so loved to make the Germans, you can see the Soviet I-16 (in common — “donkeys”) with a swastika on Board.

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