Vilvoorde, Some of them Arrasse (36), and the family knew Saturday night is not what makes them a mother. On the way back from a spaghettifestijn, they decided to just cigarettes to get into the late-night shop in Vilvoorde (belgium), but it was very wrong. In front of the store, it was Better in the other see. Now, it’s a double-kaakbreuk and hoofdwonde, and his wife has a problem with her knee. Year-old daughter was sitting in the back seat and saw it all happen.

Didiers-year-old daughter and nine rides a horse, and on Saturday night went Better, and his wife is there to help you in the spaghettifestijn. At around 22: 30, that was the past, and then, angry, they are still on it. During the drive home, I asked my wife if she still have plenty of the cigarettes had been. So, We decided to make a stop at the late-night shop across from the former store, Maya, at the Rooseveltplein in Vilvoorde (belgium),” he said.

The surgeon told me that it is an average of four times per week encounters.

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and When he saw that he had his portfolio with him, he went back to the car and asked for the credit card of a woman. “Suddenly, there was a man behind me. ‘Sec, what’s your problem?”, we didn’t care. I wasn’t sure what was happening, and then got a blow in the face.” Then came the three young men, between 19 and 21 years old, from behind a van and began to him to save them.