1B), The last day of the first period, the first class is this Friday gewoonafgewerkt. With Virton – VIEWS-and-Union – Well there are two matches on the program, diebeslissend to periodewinst for a place in the promotiefinale at the end of the dereguliere competition. There is a risk that the periodewinnaar will only be known after the decision of the arbitration committee of the Football federation on the lichtpanne incident, yesterday, in Leuven, belgium. And dieuitspraak may have weeks to have to wait.

Early in the second half, and explained to the referee home page Vermeire as the top OHL – Union to a 0-0 stand still after a section of the veldverlichting up to four times to allow it was cut off. The decision deGeschillencommissie that is to blame for the breakdown in the OHL, you get to have the people from louvain take a 0-5 forfaitnederlaag assigned. If the commission comes to the conclusion that the OHL is not at fault, zalde match in full or in part, herspeeld to be.

According to Nils Van Brantegem, kalendermaker in the Pro League, but it doesn’t make much sense deslotspeeldag of the first period of time to set up. As he points out, however, that the procedure for hetstroompanne incident or weeks or even a couple of months, you can take that to the match schedule of the 1Bal filled to overflowing, and a midweekspeeldag somewhere in the middle of winter is not a good idea, even if it omdatveldverwarming at 1B is not required, and the delay, therefore, till the new chaos you can cause.

in addition, It is unlikely that the arbitration committee of the Football association, during haarzitting next Tuesday lichtpanne, and the shut-down of the match, it will be discussed. As delaatste day of the first period of time at 1B on Friday will be completed, to his VIEWS, and Unionniet likely the hoogdringenheid to call, what you need is to take the case next Tuesday on the calendar to place it. This gives both parties the chance in their bid to make up for dezitting of the board of Tuesday, the 12th of november, at which the matter will be brought in.