Celebrities, They have been known to the general public with her cover of Prince’s song “Nothing Compares 2 U”, but it is a good working relationship with the lead singer himself, Sinéad O’connor (52) is not in the least. It started Monday, well-known in the ochtendshow Good Morning Britain. According to Sinéad, tried the Prince to her, namely, a time a save during a scary incident at his home.

from the ochtendshow said the singer, who is now a muslim Shuhada Sadaqat by to the life that she has ever been summoned to the house of the Prince, because he is not happy about it would be that they cannot have a protegee of his body. “We have many times met, but we were not able to be determined properly with each other. We went to each other and to the body,” says the singer. “Well, it was more of me trying to beat each other, and I have myself defended. It was a very frightening experience.”

According to the O Connerwilde Prince, and that she was a protegee of him,so they could not use profanity during the interview. “But for People to swear all the time, so I told him where he could make his proposal, and then he attacked me.” The singer tells how a Prince, to be released in april 2016, it died, then his house is haunted and attacked her with a “kiss where there is something hard in there”.

“I just ran out of his house, and he came up behind me in his car. It was on the highway, in Malibu, at 5.00 pm, again, to have a collision. He drove me in his car. I spat at him, and he tried to give me a ride.”The chase came to an end when Sinéad at home aanbelde for help.According to the singer, the drugs were the cause of the angry Prince. “He was, at that time, really heavy-duty drugs.”
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