Wielsbeke On the dual carriageway between the Countryside and in Wielsbeke be zaterdagtwee car head-on collided. There were seven victims, including four children between the ages of 5 and 10 years of age. No one is in danger of serious injury.

The accident happened at around 17.50 hrs on the dual carriageway, on the bridge over the River. A Skoda Octavia and a Ford Focus collided head-on at each other. In one car were two adults and two young children, a mother and two young children. Of the seven vehicle occupants who were mild-to-severe injuries and was transferred to the hospitals in the town of Kortrijk and Waregem. No one is in danger of serious injury. How the accident happened, it is still not clear. An expert from the public prosecutor’s office came to the site to investigate. Both cars were severely damaged. The accident was on the Expressway for hours completed.