Online trading can be a fun way to make money. It can also be very profitable. However, just like any other venture, it is not free from risks.

Choosing the right online trading platform is important mainly because it can determine just how much risk your online trading account can be able to take. This is so especially because the type of the costs that are associated with trading platforms.

Generally, a relatively affordable trading platform will give you more wiggle room as far as absorbing risk is concerned. This is because it increases your chances of making a profit, even in cases where the market isn’t as trader-friendly as you would like.

Here are some of the costs that you should look for when deciding which trading platform to use as you embark on your online trading journey.

Account minimums

Most trading platforms have requirements as far as account minimums are concerned. If your trading platform has a high account minimum, it usually implies that during a bad market or if the trading strategy that you are using backfires, you will have less money to work with in order to make up for the losses. Trading platforms that allow for reasonable account minimums are therefore preferable because when the tough times hit, you will always have a little bit more capital to work with without worrying about meeting account minimum requirements set by the trading platform.

Cost per transaction

How much a trading platform charges you per transaction matters. This is because transaction charges make up a significant portion of a trader’s costs. Generally, the more the trading platform charges, the lesser the likelihood of a trader making above average profits. Having high cost per transaction charges may also impact the number of trades that you will be able to make. It may therefore indirectly affect your trading strategy, something that may have long-term negative consequences as far as your ability to making a good return is concerned.

Tools, research and data charges

As a trader, information is very important. Getting access to the best information can significantly impact the quality of trades that you end up making. Platforms that conduct in-depth research and which have tools that provide quality data tend to be preferred. However, some platforms end of charging an unreasonable amount of money for these tools, findings and data. The prices can sometimes be so high that they nullify the financial benefit that one can gain from taking advantage of them. This is so especially if you consider the fact that other platforms provide such information and tools for free.

When choosing a trading platform, you should therefore weigh the quality of information and tools against the potential benefit that you can get from using these resources. In some cases, going for a platform that provides these resources without requiring traders to pay an extra amount maybe enough to provide you with what you need to succeed at making money with online trading.


There are times when traders need guidance. This is so especially in cases involving complex trading strategies and also when it comes to exploring new markets and trading opportunities. Some trading platforms have financial experts on call. However, they tend to charge for this expertise. This is a charge that you should pay attention to. You should make sure that it is both reasonable and affordable since you may need access to these services as you slowly build up your portfolio.

While cost is definitely not everything, it is a factor that you should definitely consider when trying to determine which trading platform is ideal for you. This is because how much a platform charges can eventually determine the resources that you have at your disposal. It can also go a long way towards influencing the trading strategy that you choose. Going for something that is within your means, and that also guarantees reasonable access to basic tools and information, is advisable.