Search for physicians in the military hospital, and two more deaths of patients with coronavirus: a chronicle of the day

Saturday, June 6 oberstab Novosibirsk region reported 107 cases of coronavirus. For all the time of the pandemic in the region identified 3441 people with confirmed COVID-19, 1356 of which recovered, and 40 died. For the last day in the area died two patients with coronavirus.

Tell you what else happened in the country and in the city over the past day:

Siberian winning coronavirus, spoke about the asymptomatic course of the disease and explain why believes that the hype around the virus greatly exaggerated.
a day in NSO died on 2 people: a woman 78 years and men 79 years of age;
in recent days, Russia has confirmed once 8855 cases of coronavirus, 197 people died;the Russian health Ministry has registered another drug to treat complications of the new coronavirus infection. This is the second drug, registered in an accelerated procedure;
Department of defense posted 29 vacancies on the website of the Novosibirsk employment centre. Presumably, physicians will work in the new military hospital, which was built extra several months specifically to combat coronavirus infection.

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