A dusty Ford, Sierra, who is 28 years of age, in a barn, was saved at an auction afgehamerd to 80,000 pounds, or 93.000 euros. That’s five times more than the cost of the time.

From the auction hall was a loud shout heard as the hammer fell to 205 bhp and the car in 1987. What will help in the a high price at auction, it was the fact that the car was only 7349 miles on the odometer, and this is almost as good as new is wrong, even if it was there, under a thick layer of dust to be seen.

Although it is a standard Ford Sierra to have to be careful to say it is not verzamelaarobject is, the opposite is true for the Cosworth versions. These rapid variations are to be commended because they are Ferrari’s performance, produced at a modest price. In addition, the fact that only a few copies are still in perfect condition and are playing with it.