The belgian football team KV Kortrijk gets a 5,000 euro fine because it was lots of fun with the lyrics of the bondsprocureur William Wagner. Which is defined in its own way, some of the City’s supporters did wrong and when they go to their Waregemse neighbors, “all the world is gay and to the keeper Bossut “Michael, Jackson” called.

CHAMBER of commerce was there for the 2,000 euro fine to pay for it. As for the club access was given in the report of the bondsprocureur it could not be dijenkletsend “it’s a piece of prose, which is certainly a lot of time and research required to have an” online-to-put on. However, the distribution of tuchtdossiers is strictly prohibited. Does the fact that the Dispute is about the “denigrating manner” in which it was made.

all The three pages, the state attorney and were otherwise suitable for an evening read. One alineaatje but The term ” gay ” is not at all friendly, meant to be. People who are homosexual (or a heterosexual person, and that’s not for you. Sexual orientation is generally accepted, it is not a choice, but it is something that is, in essence, since the birth of wired. In Belgium, it is those who are “openly gay”, was only a few years ago, the prime minister now.”