Novosibirsk smoothly departs from the strict quarantine measures imposed in the spring of this year. Life begins to improve, open fitness centers, cafes, shops.

But the presence of many viruses around us now became evident to all residents of Novosibirsk. How to learn to live safely in their environment, to protect yourself and your family from seasonal viruses?

the Solution was proposed by scientists of the center of Virology “Vector”, it allows us to protect adults and children from various types of seasonal viruses.

“of Antiviruse” — a unique and not having analogues in the world the drug.

Antiviral disinfectant “of Antiviruse” as a main active ingredient contains enzymes endonucleases that cleave genomic material of the virus. This development of the scientists of the center of Virology “Vector” for a long time used in crop and livestock production, where it has proven its exceptional efficiency. The principle of operation is based on the unique features of the enzyme destroy the DNA (or RNA) of viruses.

Means “Antiviruse” completely safe for humans, leaves no residue, do not accumulate in biological tissues. It does not contain chlorine, alkalis, alcohols, Halogens, formaldehyde, allowing you to use the drug in the presence of people. It is hypoallergenic and does not cause allergic dermatitis.