Scientists have found a way to defeat the viruses, infections and tumors: with tonsillitis, cold and even cancer and infertility can be done

Experts of different fields around the world predict the entry of medicine in the era of photodynamic therapy. One of the first to explore a revolutionary treatment started Sergey D. Nikonov, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences, oncologist, and surgeon of the highest category “Clinics Pasman”, member of the Board of national experts of the CIS countries on lasers and laser technologies. With his participation in 1994, first in Siberia, was treated neglected cases of breast cancer, and in 1999 with PDT was made the world’s first successful surgery of cystic brain tumors.

According to Professor Nikonov and his colleagues, using photodynamic therapy to cure a variety of diseases, from non-surgical restoration of the aging skin and skin diseases like psoriasis, healing of inflammatory diseases of the joints and degenerative disc disease or infections of the nasopharynx before precancerous lesions, dysplasia and malignant tumors, and chronic inflammation of the prostate gland and some types of infertility.

Photodynamic therapy is painless, easily tolerated by patients of any age, requires no anesthesia, no complications and recurrences. And more often, the doctors prefer her, not operations. About what a miracle is, as capable of resisting viral infections — which is particularly relevant today, — said the Professor Nikonov.

Protection from any type of viruses and their combinations

— Sergiy, can you explain what is this therapy?

— If very simply, PDT is the treatment laser light energy of a certain spectrum and wavelength with the use of substances — photosensitizers, which when exposed to light energy to become very active chemical agents, able to help humanity in the fight against viruses, infections, cancer and other diseases.

At the heart of of photodynamic therapy (PDT) is propertiesin different bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells — cancerous, pre-cancerous, inflammatory, infected — absorbing photosensitizers and die when exposed to light. If enhance their sensitivity drugs-photosensitizers, then exposing the photodynamic effects (that is, to illuminate the red or blue light laser power and wavelength), they are doomed to die. While healthy cells remain unharmed.

the Impetus for the development of PDT was the opening of the laser. Because such light generators give a very accurate energy strictly defined wavelengths. And we know that the redder laser radiation, the deeper it penetrates into the flesh. And this means that for oncologists offer a new chance, using deep penetrating light energy to destroy the skin cancer. Using a thin laser fiber can be the energy to perform in the most secluded parts of the human body in the esophagus, intestines, stomach, brain, uterus, vagina, bladder, and many other intimate parts of the body. And with the help of modern endoscopic techniques, when the optics can be introduced into the abdominal or thoracic cavity, it is possible to produce a light treatment with photodynamic effect in the treatment of cancer of the lung, pleura, biliary tract, ovaries and even cancer metastases to the liver and peritoneum. And I must admit that in the past 30 years, these developments are actively being implemented worldwide and in Russia.

This technology is very useful for the treatment of oncogenic viruses that threaten the development of cervical cancer, cancer of the vocal cords and larynx.

Today antiviral photodynamic effect is actively used in the service of blood for harvesting of donor plasma. The plasma, which is used in medical practice, disinfected from all possible viruses in one simple way: it added a micro dose of methylene blue, which stains the plasma in a slightly bluish color, then asochivida yellow-red lights — and in 15 minutes we have a valuable component of the blood, guaranteed to be decontaminated from all types of viruses and combinations thereof. And can not be afraid of infectious complications from transfusion of donor plasma even newborn because it will be free from viruses human immunodeficiency, hepatitis b and C, herpes, cytomegalovirus, etc.

the world is a recognized method of photodynamic virusinfektionen donor plasma. In Europe annually up to 50 million doses of plasma from blood donors are procured photodynamic inactivation of viruses. And our Novosibirsk blood center also owns and actively uses these methods of plasma.

may 12, 2020 German scientists in the American journal of Virology & Disease published an article, “Reduction in viral load using non-invasive photodynamic therapy for early stage COVID-19” (Reduction of the Viral Load by Non-Invasive Photodynamic Therapy in Early Stages of COVID-19 infection). The study involved 600 patients, 300 people in the group receiving non-invasive PDT and 300 in the placebo group-dummy. In test group, receiving PDT, the disease developed not dramatic and only 2.5% of cases needed hospital treatment. The important thing is that thanks to the PDT, the mortality was only 0.7%, while in the comparison group had to be hospitalized 19% of patients due to complications, and the mortality rate was 3.3%. Conclusion: PDT, inactivating a coronavirus infection, reduces 7 times the number of hospitalizations and reduces mortality 4.5 times.

farewell, tonsillitis and colds?

— In light of recent events, the relevance of anti-virus, is particularly interesting.

We in the “Clinic Pasman” for many years, the use of PDT for prevention of SARS in the offseason and during the period of increased incidence: for adults and children, as well as dLa the treatment of chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis, adenoiditis, and other diseases associated with inflammation of the ear, nose and throat. Photodynamic therapy is so effective that even included in the National manual of otorhinolaryngology

light Treatment is painless and selective. During PDT the laser destroys the diseased cells and reduces the inflammation, kill viruses, fungi and bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics without causing harm to healthy tissues. In difficult cases, when tonzilor inefficient, the light photodynamic therapy can cure diseases of the nasopharynx two to three treatments. Of discomfort the patient is experiencing, the burn is eliminated. There is only a slight sore throat — a feeling as after a spicy or peppery food.

PDT has a beneficial effect on local immunity of the treated body treated, he becomes more resistant to the aggressive action of pathogens, viruses, and fungi. The patient was successfully treated by PDT, in the future when faced with viral infections, may not become ill or will transfer the disease in a milder form than before.

photodynamic therapy has a good effect on the overall immunity of the body.

Women’s health, beauty and youth in the intimate sphere

— One of the key areas of the clinic — reproductive health. How PDT is used in gynecology?

— PDT opens up new possibilities in the treatment of patients with diseases of the cervix, the uterus, ovaries, vulva, and is also very effective for women who wish to preserve health, youth and beauty in the intimate area.

If you have recently oncological diseases of female reproductive system sounded for many patients as a death sentence, today microinvasive cervical cancer at an early stage, and previous state — erosion and dysplasia — can be cured with photodynamic therapy, not apprthe egai for surgery and widespread burning.

With the PDT our experts help with problems of thin endometrium, successful treatment of endometriosis, pathology of the vulva (external genital organs), viral infection (HPV, herpes virus, Epstein-Barr, and others).

Most often photodynamic therapy is used for problems of the cervix: ectopia, erosion, leukoplakia, and dysplasia of I, II and III, precancerous diseases.

In 2019 “Clinic Pasman” received a patent for photodynamic therapy (PDT) of chronic endometritis, a disease that prevents a woman to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby. In most cases it is not obtained in a natural way or through IVF.

Endometritis — inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus — the endometrium. It can be caused by bacterial and viral infection. Chronic endometritis leads to pathological changes — thinning of the endometrium. The fertilized egg can not attach to the inflamed wall of the uterus or stay on it, so pregnancy does not occur or prematurely ends.

Traditional antibiotic treatment is not always fruitful. Since the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is growing, the body of modern man does not respond to medication, as before, the bacteria often die. Furthermore, antibiotic treatment often has the side effect (goiter, gastrointestinal problems, decrease in immunity).

If the cause of chronic endometritis viruses, antibiotics will not help at all. Antibacterial treatment for viruses is not valid. And photodynamic therapy can kill viruses and bacteria in 15 minutes.

in addition, using the PDT, we treat the metastases in the case of a common cancer. Yes, it is a palliative operation, in which we do not heal the patient but help, getting rid of skin metastases in breast cancer quickly and permanently remove pleuraling liquid, stopping cancerous pleurisy and restoring quality of life. By laparoscopy able to perform PDT of carcinomatosis of the abdominal cavity and treatment of ascites. Laparoscopy with videopodcast and high-resolution optics with 30x magnification is aiming photodynamic effect on tumor metastasis, which subsequently disappear, which is important for increasing life expectancy and quality of life.

In the “Clinic Pasman” presents the entire spectrum of medical care from the therapy and dentistry to Oncology and plastic surgery. All kinds of tests (from normal to rare genetic), ultrasound, private laboratory of hemostasis, operating for gynecological, urological, oncological, reconstructive (for congenital defects or past trauma, burns, disease and paralysis), plastic, trauma and other operations under supervision of experienced anesthesiologists-resuscitators. Key features of the clinic — experienced doctors practicing scientists from around the world, many of which accept and operate only in here.

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