The record of the oldest woman in the world, certainly to the French woman, Jeanne Calment. She died in 1997 at 122 years of age. After her death it emerged that there were doubts about his identity and age, and now that refutes it. The French-Czech-Danish-Swiss study confirms the hypothesis that, for her daughter, Yvonne Calment, in the ‘ 30s, and her identity had been taken, it’s wrong.

And these were the last years that have been suggested by a Russian research team. A race would be a place of its mother is taken from the date of his death, from tuberculosis, to have any succession rights to pay for them. In this way, the “Joan of arc” Calment in 1997, it had only 99 years.

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It is objected to by four of the French, Swiss and Danish researchers in the field. Their findings appear in the Journal of Gerontology”.They have combined historical, and epidemiological research, with the development of a mathematical model. Thus, evidence documents, among other things, that the father is the father of Jeanne Calment Nicholas, in 1926, it has been his property before his death, he had bequeathed to his heirs.

The Russians are claiming that a person is unable to make the 122-year-old, but according to a new study, on the basis of the statistics of all the births in France between 1875 and 1903, and – the likelihood of that happening is one in ten million.