Sberbank in Novosibirsk issued preferential mortgage credits to 250 million rubles

From 21 April 2020, with the launch of the discount mortgage, the savings Bank in Novosibirsk region issued a 123 loan to buy housing in new buildings for a total amount of 250 million rubles. May 6, the interest rate on the mortgage was reduced by 0.3 p. p and is 6.1% per annum.

In the territory of presence of the Siberian Bank of Sberbank of Russia often reduced mortgage used by customers Krasnoyarsk office — they account for 26% of total lending, 25% of the Bank issued to customers in Novosibirsk region and 24% — in Altai region. The remaining 25% occurred in other regions: the Kemerovo, Tomsk, Omsk regions, the republics of Khakassia and Tyva.

“We note the relevance of the preferential mortgage among our customers. On the one hand, this is due to the good conditions, with another — the fact that she, along with other opportunities available in remote format. For registration of the mortgage now do not need to go to office, everything can be done through Sberbank Online or DomClick on the computer or even the smartphone”, — says Olga Konovalova, the Vice Governor of the Novosibirsk branch of Sberbank.

the Russian Government in late April launched a preferential mortgage program with a rate of 6.5% for the purchase of new housing. Discounted mortgages can be taken up to November 1, and interest rate for the entire term of the loan. The initial payment on the mortgage must be at least 20%.

Detailed information about mortgage programs operating in the savings Bank, on the Bank’s website.

the General license of Bank of Russia for banking operations № 1481.