Salute in honor of the Victory parade in Novosibirsk suffered — in the military, something went wrong

the Military postponed the beginning of the festive salute in honor of Victory day parade, which was held this evening, June 24, at St. Michael the embankment in Novosibirsk. Initially the fireworks were planned to start at 22:00, but the military all went according to plan: in the morning at the parade said that the fireworks postponed for an hour later. But this time is not final — the press service of the CVO found it difficult to call exactly when will start the fireworks display:

— the fireworks will begin after 22:00, but how many is still unknown. Can’t say for sure, — said the head of information security press service of the CVO in Novosibirsk Nikolay Barkalow.

In the decision of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk, which is published in the “Bulletin of the local self-government bodies”, citizens are advised to watch the fireworks remotely via the live broadcast.