In ghent, A young woman roller skating on Friday evening, was struck when a car is scooped up, it was on to the zebra crossing in the Citadellaan, at the height of the Overpoort.

Anything for about 20 hours, and the emergency services are called to the cross-roads. The Audi was the Citadellaan in turn drove up to the South to continue to drive. However, at the point where there was, at that moment, a young woman who was roller-skating bijhad. If they like doing, it is not clear. The car filled with the victim, where they have a head injury suffered. She was taken to the hospital. How the accident happened and whether or not one of the people involved is a red light to see, is still under investigation.

Because there is a lack of clarity about the status of the victim, the Citadellaan, in the direction of the South, for nearly two hours and closed to all traffic in anticipation of a possible investigation by the public prosecutor’s office. When the news came out that there was no danger to life, provided for the police in the street is free.