The red Devils, if you Remember the general excitement when Roberto Martinez Radja Nainggolan (31) in the last year of the world cup selection and weerde? For a long time he was the head coach of the Red Devils to be vague about the reasons for the decision.

That He would think that Nainggolan is a bad influence on the player base, it has long been suggested. But in Spain the light of his decision today.“Instinct had nothing to do with it. You’re not a list of the 23 players on the basis of a gut feeling,” says he, The stand . “The choice to use it at home to make and was based purely on their individual statistics and performance, in conjunction with the other players. I am considered to be the world cup, thoroughly, what each player’s performance on the field, which couples to the field, it is best rendeerden. On this basis, fell to Nainggolan move on.”