The environment is Not 80 million dollars to 300 million people living in an area that, by the year 2050, at least one time a year the water will be. That’s according to new research, with a much more precise altitude measurements.

in The new survey, which yesterday was published in the Nature Communications , has argued that the previous well-known figures to be optimistic. Mathematically, a researcher, and Scott Kulp, and climate scientist Benjamin Strauss (Princeton University), claim that the sea level was much stronger, it will rise, but the elevation of many coastal areas need to be adjusted down. The new system CoastalIDEM, it is much more accurate than the SRTM from NASA, as well as reduce the chance of error and with the help of artificial intelligence. The traditional measurements of the satellites may not be able to distinguish between the ground level and, for example, the roofs of the houses and the trees, ” explains Kulp out.

The results of the scientists to the conclusion that, globally, three times more people than has previously been thought to be threatened, would be due to rising sea levels. Over the thirty years to places where it is now up to 170 million people are living permanently below the water line are located. That number could rise to 200 million affected inhabitants by 2100. Today there are about 300 million people in the places that by the year 2050, at least once a year and it will overflow. At the end of the century, it would be possible to go on the 420 up to 630 million vulnerable people, the annual flooding, depending on the level of the sea at that time. The estimate for this century is an increase from 60 inches up to a 2 gauge.

all The predictions of the new study do not take into account future population growth or the natural erosion of the coast.For the european union, Australia, and the USA would be the effect of climate change is much more dramatic than so far thought of it, because that’s where all the accurate data was carried out. In the us, the country would be flooding along the coast could reach into the area of new jersey.