Returns whether the heat? Study the weather forecast in Novosibirsk until the end of the week

Novosibirsk weather forecasters made a forecast for the next three days is expected cold snap and rains with thunderstorms.

— Continues to shift from the West into our territory cyclone, which will bring the rain stormy nature and the weakening of the heat — said the NHS duty forecaster Novosibirsk meteorologist.

All three days a small intermittent rain and thunderstorms. Wind South, South-West 4-9 m/s with gusts up to 14 m/with. on August 15 possible transition of the wind on the North-West.

Night, 13 August, Novosibirsk is expected to 15-17 degrees during the day 23-25 degrees, August 14 night-time temperature is 14-16 degrees, the afternoon 22-24 °C. on Saturday, August 15, the night is expected to 13-15 degrees during the day 20-22 °C.