Retired scrap struck the snow-covered road where the children go to school

a Resident of Novosibirsk Tatiana Dolgova scrap ran the stairs in the snow-covered sidewalk on the street Myasnikova. According to the pensioner, the sidewalk was the only way to SOSH No. 211, attended by her grandchildren. But in early January, when cleaning the road, it was covered with snow.

— we Have two years was the normal path that we are on it went. Then go in the evening, in early January, look — our entire path with two sides covered with snow. Not just snow, but rocks some. Now it’s not that uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. There’s a sidewalk, but for some reason it is not clean. The bypass is there, but there is also a bad road. It was never cleaned. And we have in this house a lot of children going to school, — said the woman.