The medical and The biotechnology company Biogen in the Us geneesmiddelenwaakhond FDA approval for a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. From the medical community, and investors will be looking forward to the step response, since a lot of pharmaceutical companies, the quest to find a drug to slow down Alzheimer’s disease are already provided.

The American of Gilead himself, threw out earlier this year and is still in the towel in the ring for his investigations of the medium aducanumab to stop it. But later on, there are still additional data. A new analysis has found that the drug can still be found to save it. This is why the American company to the authorities and is joined to the tool in the market.

“If this is successful, the drug in the Us market. This is a mega and not the first of its kind,” so said the Dutch neurologist, John, Prince of Amsterdam and the UNIVERSITY hospital are delighted to be in the AD.

On the New York stock exchange has made Gilead a koerssprong close to 30 percent of the time. Because across the world there are so many people who have the Disease are affected in a very efficient way it has the potential to be one of the world’s top-selling medicines have to be used.