Rehearsal of the Victory parade in Domodedovo and three more deaths from coronavirus: a chronicle of events for the day

on Tuesday, June 16, Oberstar announced the latest data: 83 patients discharged with negative results of the control tests, only the region was 4497 cases COVID-19, including 308 children. 2276 patients recovered, 60 patients died.

What’s more, it became known for a day?

Novosibirsk Governor announced the cancellation of the last restrictions. If the authorities do not change your mind in everyday life about the coronavirus will remind only of the mask (to wear them again as necessary). While some obvious victory over the pandemic is not smell — the number of new infections is not decreasing, people continue to die. Does this mean that those who honestly sits in isolation for the third month, do it in vain? Explorer NGS Stas Sokolov talked to some of the city’s residents, who almost never left the house since the end of March.
the First rehearsal of parade in honor of the anniversary of Victory in great Patriotic war took place on the territory of military airfield of Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk region. Show how it was.
a day in the Novosibirsk region was 3 deaths from coronavirus.
Oberstab the Novosibirsk region reported new data per day was identified 103 cases of coronavirus infection. Yesterday it was reported on 109 cases.
Acting head of Bolotninskiy district of the Novosibirsk region Elena Ivanov appealed to residents because of the difficult situation with coronavirus. A video message from Ivanova published in the “Dialogue Marsh” in “Vkontakte”.