Overseas After the gruesome discovery of 39 bodies in a refrigerated container yesterday in the Uk, in Essex, are the new details of the investigation are known. So, it is on HLN has confirmed that the refrigerated container will certainly make a difference in Zeebrugge in the county. Last night, in the North of Ireland, the country of origin of the driver of the truck, two of the houses searched. Director at Mo Robinson (25), is suspected of murder. Of the 39 victims, according to British media, all of them are Chinese.

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Robinson (25), from the Northern Irish county of Armagh, which is still being examined. It is not clear whether he knew that there were people in the vrachtwagencontainer it. The two of the searched properties are located in Markethill and in Laurelvale, both in the City and would be linked to the driver. Family Robinson, told in the BelfastLive , that is, they don’t know what’s going on”. They say they do not know whether Robinson himself was working for or on behalf of a company van.


The British police are investigating whether organized crime is behind the transport. There is also an international manhunt began for the gang of people smugglers who are responsible for it. According to the Daily Mail to see people Ireland, in a case of smuggling, that ties to the Bulgarian city of Varna.


Or a 25-year-old driver was unaware of the vehicle’s occupants, it is not clear. May be picked up, the driver of the truck. The Scania tractor unit is on the 19th of June, 2017, in Bulgaria by an unidentified Irish woman, registered. The truck left a day before the nation, according to the Daily Mirror .

Bulgarian prime minister Boyko Borissov confirmed that the truck and since then Bulgaria has been used. “It’s not about us, the number plate will do,” said the minister on the television.A spokesperson for the Bulgarian ministry of Foreign Affairs, called it “highly unlikely” that the victims of Bulgarian occupation in it.According to the director, Dimitar Dimitrov of the Bulgarian national Chamber of road transport, it is current and that the companies in Bulgaria are registered to “in order to enjoy the favourable tax treatment”.

the Tractor took off in the North of Ireland, the

Scania tractor and the refrigerated container has to be picked up, in which 39 appear to have been made from the North of Ireland have gone out. According to several British media, he went on daaruitnaar, Dublin, ireland. Hence, it would be with a ferry terminal at Holyhead, in north Wales, has arrived. That would make Saturday happen.

What the truck driver. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, it has done so is not known. After that, they drove off with Scania at Purfleet to see the trailer to wait in Zeebrugge as well.
refrigerated container came from Zeebrugge, belgium

place The refrigerated container in which the 39 dead were found, it was going to be solid through the Season. Shipping company Cobelfret was able to transport to detect and confirm that the trailer, for those passing by.He arrived Tuesday afternoon at 14.49 hrs (local time at Zeebrugge, belgium, and left that port on the same day.From there, it went into the refrigerated van to Uk Purfleet.

Which is the refrigerated container coming from before he was in Zeebrugge is at, it is still not clear.What are the 39 persons in the container at the path, it is still not clear. All of it is according to the chief executive officer of the port of Zeebrugge Joachim Coens it is unlikely that they will, in Bruges, is still in the container to be withdrawn.

up To -25 degree Celsius

But how can it be a transport, with 39 people on board, and the stringent checks your way? “A warmtescanner used to be a part of this payment is impossible, because the containers are hermetically sealed. We were in the paper and the seals are in perfect condition”, you hear the sound of the inside of the port.

According to the British media, were the victims as possible, in order to in the life by freezing. Sources within the Irish police force, told in The Sun , that is, the cooling system of the truck reportedly was on. This would be the temperature inside is between -5 and -25 degrees Celsius here. Or, the victims of death by freezing, or asphyxiation, it is not yet clear.