Rebellion in Murom in 1961 and over Khrushchev's

Crime 15/12/19 Rebellion in Murom in 1961 and over Khrushchev’s “thaw”

the Uprising that occurred in the town of Murom in June 1961, was one of the links in the chain of tragic events precipitated the collapse of the policy of the “thaw” of the Khrushchev pores and changed the entire course of Soviet history.

Death Miller

on Monday Evening, June 26, 1961 to celebrate the pay of senior foreman of the plant. Ordzhonikidze, Yury Kostikov, decided to ride a truck to go home, but to jump in the truck failed, fell and badly injured on the road. As the historian Vladimir Kozlov in his book “Unknown USSR: the opposition of the people and government, 1953-1985”, passing by the chief of city Department of militia Pavlov tried to shake Kostikova, but the reply was a rough battle.

Pavlov did not like it, and he ordered the rescue of the police “to teach” 25-year-old. The order of the authorities is law. When Kostikov was in the 10th the chamber for small bullies, he could barely breathe. This morning the wife discovered Kostikova on the ground in the courtyard of the police Department. His face was a solid bloody mask had broken teeth and a broken skull bone. Kostikov died on the doorstep of the hospital from a brain hemorrhage.

Death to fascists!

the same day the plant was a spontaneous rally, many workers were convinced that Kostikova trite beaten to death. The findings of the medical examiner has not convinced the public. Master Demchenko asked to call new experts from Vladimir or Moscow, the workers were convinced that local experts bought. But the Prosecutor closed the case of the death Kostikova for lack of evidence, to the arguments of the workers to listen did not become. The situation at the plant escalated. It is unknown who was still to blame for the fact that the procession moved it past the police Department, but law enforcement officers have behaved, at least, unwise.

the Last straw, elevh er writer Leo Usiskin in his essay “Moore-1961”, was inexplicable initiative of vigilantes who started what for to drag a coffin with transport. Saw this mother Kostikova cried out… And immediately, as if on cue, the Windows of the police flew stones, and the police took to their heels. On the upside the crowd a police car climbed the recidivist Sergey Denisov, tore his shirt and began to show the signs of beatings, allegedly obtained the police (in fact, it crushed the brother). Overwrought, Denisov was shouting that miraculously left alive, and Kostikov did not. After these words the crowd shouting “kill the Nazis!” rushed to the assault of the police Department and the local KGB.

on zakoulochkam

the Building was set on fire from several sides. Prisoners in custody of morocan people were taken almost by force: knew nothing about the rebellion of the violators didn’t want to run into a stray. However, the shots almost never happened, the police quickly crushed. Took the initiative of former criminals. They methodically searched the nooks and open the safe in search of criminal cases and weapons, the paper immediately burned, and the weapons were handed to cronies in the crowd.

Journalists Alexandru Suharev and Yuri Shatalov noted in his documentary investigation “the Hot summer of ’61 in Murom” touching detail: busts of Dzerzhinsky and Lenin, the rioters were stacked neatly in a corner, to avoid damage. The square was beaten by policemen who had failed in advance to escape. The pogrom lasted till night, as long as the head of the Executive Committee Tikhon Sushkov not caused from Vladimir Roth of cadets of the school of the interior Ministry, which dispersed the crowd. Factory workers and students of the police building was completely renovated by the morning, but none of the 68 missing from the Department “TT” in place and never returned. Hundreds of documents, including intelligence information and criminal cases, disappeared without a trace.

Bloody baton

Come to the authorities began to tighten the screws, was given an unofficial team to make investigation in the shortest possible time, but on July 23, Esche to the end of the investigation in Murom, a new rebellion flashed in the “capital of the 101st kilometer” Alexandrov.

it tells the lion Usiskin in his article “Alexandrov-1961,” after the two soldiers came from Zagorsk was taken for drunkenness in the city police Department, the bullpen began to gather the townspeople. The crowd, fuelled by rumours of Murom, was to demand the release of the “unjustly detained”. Again, as in Moore, the police and city authorities acted cowardly and indecisive. In the way of the rioters dared to stand up, only the Director of the pioneer Nadezhda Shapkina, through which 12 policemen besieged in their offices, were able to get out alive.

Emptying a city Department, the night crowd moved to a nearby prison, because among the attackers was a rumor, though there were transferred detainees “soldiers”, and then security prison opened on crowd fire. 4 attackers killed, 11 people were injured when the scene arrived in time division. Dzerzhinsky, under the command of major-General Pavel Korzhenko. The soldiers of internal troops took over the prison in a triple ring and forced the attackers to surrender.


the trials against the participants of the events in Murom and Aleksandrov, held in August 1961, covers in detail in his work “the Mass protests in Murom in 1961,” Vladimir historian Alexander Dorofeev. 7 people involved in the riots in the Vladimir region, was sentenced to death, many have received up to 15 years imprisonment.

the Harsh repressions also affected the regional and city authorities, the police, but the main reasons for the mass protests was opened. Meager life and the arbitrariness of the authorities, especially at the grassroots level continued to paint the years of “Mature thaw” disturbing flashes of the people’s wrath, from time to time break through the outbreak of violence in September of the same year in Beslan, then in Novocherkassk in 1962, in Sumgait in 1963.

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