International football, He has the image of being a guerilla, but as the greatest warrior in the house-Radja Nainggolan is at the moment, ma’am.” Wife, Claudia fights against cancer. In sports week, the magazine of the Gazzetta dello Sport, it is the former Red Devil for the first time have a difficult time in his life. “She is brave. Claudia tries to have a strong hold. Indeed, in the presence of the girls.”

Love conquers all. As their marriage crisis, failures, quarrels, and blows to overcome, but it is in difficult times, chose to Radja Nainggolan for the next season are committed to a woman, Claudia (37), the mother of their children, Aysha (7) and Mailey (3). He moved to Cagliari, the club where it all began. Employer is Internet to him after a turbulent season and prefer to be lost than to be rich, honored his wish to return to the home of his wife, Claudia. Take a step back from the Champions Leagueclub a degradatiekandidaat to be found.

at the Beginning of July, it announced on Instagram that she is against a tumor-fighting. “Starting today, follow me to a new path in life… the type of chemotherapy. After many tears, it is time to put this ugly beast to fight against.” A struggle that she engages in a familiar environment close to family and friends in the area a couple of years ago. The pair walked up to each other, since, at the time, in the true spirit of it: the game is a rebel with a caring side, and the powerful plantrekster who love to out. As a coup de foudre.