Quiet riot: almost 30% of the employees of hospital No. 3 where he was taken sick with kovida, went on leave and on sick leave

Almost 30% of the staff of city clinical hospital № 3 on the Obges in Novosibirsk, according to the regional Ministry of health, went to the hospital and on vacation in June — this month, the hospital suddenly decided to restructure under Coveney.

the doctors Themselves and their families had previously told the NHS that the news about the redevelopment of the hospital caught them off guard. They were unhappy that the hospital does not have necessary medicines, protection:

the Doctor informed everyone that the hospital will operate in this mode, and the personnel Department immediately formed a queue. Someone takes sick leave, someone trying to go on vacation. There are working retired… Well, the average staff takes and leaves, said a few weeks ago in an interview with journalist Catherine (name changed at the request of the heroine).