Of Zonhoven, Under the slogan, “you have to stay with your parents and spend it now, they will still be healthy”, it took Joe to show Anke Buckinx and her mom took it to a shop to have it together, and French fries to bake. They did so in the context of the “Treasure it forever”, which allows Joe to be adults and want to encourage more qualitytime with their parents to spend.

The idea is to get together with her mom have a shop to visit, get Anke out of her life. “My mum has been 15 years old in a shop in the Hague had, I have grown up with the French fries,” says Anke. “Together, chips seemed to be the perfect activity for me and my mom qualitytime-to-do.” Mama Rina is excited that she and her daughter, the memories you can get. “Give me half an hour and I’m stuck in the pattern of the past,” said Rina proud. “I do, however, look at how many devices there are today. All of it is a lot easier now.”

in Spite of the strong relationship between the Anke and mama Rina, there is rarely time for qualitytime. “On Sunday, I call my mom, and then we go over the agenda for the week,” says Anke. “One day my daughter, the art and architecture of the lesson will be brought in, the other day I was helping with the ironing.” Anke smiles: “But do you also have a very nice ” hey, mom?”