Showbiz is A whole week long, from Monday the 21st to Friday the 25th of October, we learned that the Qmusic listeners in the Top 500 of the 00’s on the radio. The summit, put this year into a ‘New’look. The radio station brought in as ‘New for 2003’finalists to Natalia, Peter Evrard, and Brahim are reuniting to play an exclusive gig. The trio was no longer on the stage. However, for the number one spot on the zeroes , did they do it yet again.

Natalia and Peter Evrard, gave the best of himself on the big stage. Brahim was also present, but the singing is not, because of unforeseen circumstances. “My voice was broken,” did the artist know about it. Qmusic-dj Jolien Roets made a promise to the fans that the problem will be resolved. The solution turned out to be creative: the fans would have made the song for Brahim to sing in while he is as good as possible, trying to get them to do it.