Director: The last of the cars on Thursday that it inspected during the vehicle inspection from the Director. That will close after the first 60 years of its doors to the public. The following Monday, everyone can have his car end up in the new covering at bedrijvenzone of The Plume in Zwevegem.

anyone Who has been there for the past 60 years would not have been? Since 1958, it is the one right after the other car, a bus or a truck, there may be suitable or unfit for a public right of way. It was one of the first keuringscentra in the region.

in The last few years, there were on-peak day of up to 14 staff members at the same time in order of 300 vehicles a day to be approved. Over the past few years, and there are millions of cars in the passed. However, the location is in the Director, it was becoming too small for all of that hustle and bustle. The city is, however, sandwiched between the Kortrijksesteenweg and the Hippodroomstraat, which expand on the existing site was not possible.

It was decided to build a new one at bedrijvenzone of the Plume in Zwevegem, where KM is a land of 14.500 square meters of purchase. In the meantime, it is ready for use. On Monday, the first of the cars there are inspected and approved, and Thursday were the last car in the race direction, a green or a red card.