A consumer Who is in the home, one has to walk around, you can these days get hit. A lot of stores offer deep discounts on Diapers. Get the best sale you have to be at the Colruyt group, are volgensPromojagers, Belgium. The members of the facebook group – who are the biggest names promotions and to communicate with each other – posted all of the accounts that are in a very impressive manner, been reduced were used.

“Everyone is talking about it,” says Gunther Devisch. He is the manager of the Promojagers in Belgium, and then select each week is the best tip out of his facebook group for the readers of HLN.be. This time, he didn’t have to think twice.

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In conjunction with the Test Purchase Diapers until October 14, with a discount of 3 euro on the Baby-Dry ‘ and ‘Premium’ Protection ‘ (size 3-6). The aim of the brand is to celebrate that the eyes of this year’s big luiertest, the consumer won. The only thing you need to do is to jeregistreren a websiteen that you can have the voucher, just print it. The voucher is redeemable at all national retail stores. And some of the stores do is the icing on the cake.

this is how you get at the Albert Heijn and 2 packs of Baby-Dry for € 10. Hyper-Carrefour is one of the 2+2 is a free action to run for the Baby Dry. If you also use the voucher of 3 € to the valet, you will see the price of the account is, therefore, greatly reduced.

for example, If there is a Colruyt store in the area, which is the best price guarantee (red price) on the supply chain of the application. And the book is interesting. “And you’ll pay just 0.05 euro per diaper,” according to Devisch. “This is a substantial discount, if you know you are in for a mouth wash, normally about 0.30 euros, you can pay for it (a Store). I did the test with the Baby Dry 3 the midpack of the 38 units.”

an Even bigger blow

Who is already a member of the Promojagers, Belgium, and carefully follows what is happening in the facebook group is done, this week is an even bigger killing. Colruyt group did on Tuesday, namely, a Name and a discount, so you have a 33 per cent reduction in the 3 packs Diapers.

the Members of the Promojagers in Belgium shared a photo of their sales receipt, which you can see how the expense is really reduced, it was. 180 for 9 euro, for example, of the 109,62 to 12,05 euros, of 85.5 to 2.5 euros, or 75 to 3.75 euros. Some of them even have to do anything at all to pay at the cash register.