The season of the National Basketball Association has already gained momentum. Now, you can not only follow the development of events on the floor, but also make predictions on any of the available games. Favorable basketball betting is available here at any time of the day.

One of the main news of the summer was the transition of the MVP of the NBA final series Kawhi Lenard to the Clippers. Thanks to this, the level of competition in the fight for the first place in the regular season has increased significantly. The arrival of a star of this level could not but affect the team from Los Angeles, which immediately began to fight for the playoffs.

Thanks to the major signing, the Clippers have turned from middling team into if not a contender for the title, then at least into a strong team, from which we can now expect a sensation anytime. The rivals understand it, too, so they are now preparing to confront the team from Los Angeles differently. Basketball betting is a good opportunity to make your forecasts regarding the team’s further performance both in each specific match and over a long tournament distance.

If we talk about the potential strong points of the Clippers, then we can distinguish the following:

  1. Individual skills of the leaders.
  2. Teamwork, which can significantly reduce the number of unforced errors on the floor.
  3. The long bench.

All this is very important when fighting at a long distance. On, the fans will always find many interesting variations of forecasts that will definitely not disappoint them in terms of the offered coefficients.

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Returning to the Clippers, we’d like to note that in the current season it would be a success if the team makes it to the playoffs, but if the chosen trend continues further, the requirements of the fans will gradually increase. Having such a star as Lenard, it is important to build a game around him and gain worthy partners. This takes time.

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