Royalty-free, In 1996, there was a lot of fuss in the British press, when topless pictures of princess Diana while on holiday in Spain and in the newspaper. Also, the members of the class of prince William, got the picture in his hands, and pestten the young man with them. She laughed at the size of her breasts.

It’s publisher Nicholas Coleridge, the British publishing house Conde Nast, which is the story of the world does. He tells the story of how princess Diana came to him to get to the event, and to discuss with them. “Can I ask you a question He” began Diana. “And, let’s face it, if you please. Do you have the photo in the Daily Mirror by any chance? The topless one?” Coledridge had to acknowledge, and Diana continued.

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“William (at that time 14, ed. was so upset,” she said. “He told me that the boys in his class, to him, pestten him and he told me that my breasts are too small. Do you think my breasts are too small?” Colderidge tells the story of how he was stunned when he was question and assured her that her breasts are “perfect” and “she should not have had to make”.

In the years that followed was to William more time to deal with a sortgelijk case in the press. His wife, Kate, were topless and were published in a French magazine in 2012. The couple were on holiday in a chateau in the Provence region in france.