Standard, Standard, saw, Sunday, at the Club, with a strict organization, in wages, in such a way that the coach Philippe Clement were geënerveerd uitliet about the tactics that “mandekking on your backs.” Standardcoach, Michel Preud’homme, was in a press conference today and admitted that the criticism, even a little bit of a compliment,” to be found.

“I would like to have more things to say on the subject. I have noticed that when we have the ball, that Is, and Vanaken, our players have also followed suit. And that’s normal. The Club do not think that we have a player going to leave it to them to be a pleasure to do so. They tried to get players in free-to-play, and we have made sure that they do not quite stood up. Thus, our players will be well-placed. I think that every team tries to protect the ball and don’t have it. I saw Club Brugge is also a very will be grouped in its own rectangle, and is sometimes nine or ten players in the game. It is a very logical thing.”

Preud’homme is part of the sneer of Clement also in the context. “I can see Philippe as a friend. He’s had as a coach, all very nice things, but he will also feel a lot of pressure. The core of the Club assembled, it is a must to be a champion is to play. After the 0-5 defeat against PSG, after a team, which is a good match, in Bruges, has been playing, he might be a little nervous.”

with regard To the tensile strength of the league, it’s good that the Standard of the skin and of Club Brugge and won’t come off as Anderlecht and won it this season, doesn’t come up. However, in the competition for the leading position to see Preud’homme, Club Brugge still have a better chance of success than the Rouches said “With the evolution of the Club and gone on to have, they are a big favorite. Since everyone is talking about for once.”

‘ But there are many teams that the Club can ambeteren. Not only do we have to. Genk is the defending champion and has a lot of quality. AA Gent is running very well this season. And KV Mechelen is in there. Tiens? KV Mechelen. But in Bruges is my favorite. Since Club Brugge in the Anderlecht of, in the past, it is now. The Club is the most strong, the most rich and the most structured. It is up to others to make them difficult to do.”