Europa League-Standard, take it on the fourth day of the Europa League at Frankfurt, germany, for a crucial duel for the second place in group F of the European and early spring. Coach Michel Preud’homme believes the chances of his team. “The first leg in Germany 2-1 defeat) was not bad at all, but there were a few more of the details. If we are to benefit as a basis, and there is a little something extra to add, is a profit in it.”

In their own stadium, it is the Standard European since december of 2014 (0-3 against Liverpool) a long time. “A tradition that we will definitely continue to want to make it. In their own house to play, it is always a good thing, but for us it was something special for me. We always start with the intention to win, and that will be a Thursday to be no different.”

Frankfurt, last year, was a semi-finalist in the Europa League, but took over the weekend in its own league, with 5 to 1 as the size of the Bayern Munich (germany). “The potential they have. I don’t think they are in relation to Saturday, a lot of their team will have to change. For them, this contest is, after all, is of paramount importance for the qualification.”