Doris A., born in 1915, in November, it will be 100 years old. Pregnant Briton – or, for example, may be a long time yet? Recently, the Pensioner received a letter claiming exactly that, reported the British newspaper “Sun”. And the senders were not even dubious joke biscuits, quite the contrary: The letter came from your local hospital.

“For the past 70 years, not pregnant”

In the letter from the state hospital in Hampshire the 99 invited-Year-old to an appointment in the maternity ward, in order to perform prenatal tests. You should take a urine sample, it says in the letter.

Doris A. is the mother of three children, who are today all by yourself retirees. “I have three children and twenty grandchildren – but I haven’t been for over 70 years pregnant,” told the British “Sun”. PDF With this first name is your child successful! Our PDF guide shows you the most popular children’s names and how they are the future of your child can shape. Also: How children are allowed.To the PDF guide

the hospital

apologized to Particularly precarious: The date of birth of the 99-Year-old stand would have been right at the top notice on the letter, the Doctors, the absurdity of the letter so easily.

The hospital has apologized for the error: “It was a rare administrative error and we apologise for any unnecessary distress that could be caused by the fact” – quoted by the “Sun” a press spokesman.

“Everyone had something to Laugh at you”

The Pensioner picked up the questionable diagnosis with Humor: “It is very amusing,” said her son Brian is the “Sun”. “You had your pleasure, and each one had something to Laugh about.”

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