Predicted: modern technology came to the field of transportation to order ghazals and cars of different carrying capacity

the New service allows you to control from your phone the whole process from the machine to unloading, in any place. With a driver you can pay by credit card, linking it to the application.

Karavan-SERVIS is one of the largest companies in the Novosibirsk market of cargo transportation has released a mobile app for ordering gruzotaksi. The company has been working for 24 years and, perhaps, everyone could see the yellow-white “Gazelle” and the truck, which is printed in large phone 211-00-00. They are so merged with the landscape that have become an integral part of the traffic and come to mind when you hear the word “moving”. Now to place an order only through the operator, but by making a few clicks on your smartphone. This saves time because you do not need to call operator.